International Day of the Girl – Scholarship Opportunities for Women!

On October 11, the International Day of the Girl Child seeks to bring awareness and solutions to the unique challenges that girls around the world face every day.

From the moment a child is born, she can grow up to be a scientist, author, business leader, mother, teacher or anything she may choose to be. Providing her with healthy options, education, and resources to make her own choices means removing some of the obstacles she faces.

Depending on where she lives, a young girl’s challenges will vary and how we approach addressing those issues will change. During International Day of the Girl Child, join the global call to action. Create real solutions; listen to the aspirations of young women; mentor someone who will someday overcome the challenges she faces.


Let’s take a look at scholarships just for females!


AAUW has a long and distinguished history of advancing educational and professional opportunities for women in the United States and around the globe.

One of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women, AAUW is providing $3.9 million in funding for fellowships and grants to 250 outstanding women and nonprofit organizations in the 2018–19 academic year. Due to the longstanding, generous contributions of AAUW members, a broader community of women continues to gain access to educational and economic opportunities — breaking through barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

Fellowship and grant recipients perform research in a wide range of disciplines and work to improve their schools and communities. Their intellect, dedication, imagination, and effort promise to forge new paths in scholarship, improve the quality of life for all, and tackle the educational and social barriers facing women worldwide. AAUW seeks a diverse applicant pool.


Career Development Grants provide funding to women who hold a bachelor’s degree and are preparing to advance or change careers or reenter the workforce. Primary consideration is given to women of color and women pursuing their first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents whose last degree was received before June 30, 2014. Funds are available for tuition, fees, books, supplies, local transportation, and dependent care.

Grants provide support for course work beyond a bachelor’s degree, including a master’s degree, second bachelor’s degree, certification program, or specialized training in technical or professional fields. Course work must be taken at an accredited two- or four-year college or university in the United States or at a technical school that is fully licensed or accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Funds are not available for doctorate-level work.

Program Purpose

AAUW’s Career Development Grants provide assistance to women who, through additional higher education, technical training, or participation in professional development institutes, are making career changes, seeking to advance in current careers, or reentering the workforce. Primary consideration is given to women of color and women pursuing credentials in nontraditional fields.

Grants provide support for coursework toward degree programs other than a doctorate or for specialized training in technical or professional fields.

Applications for AAUW Career Development Grants are open August 1–November 15


International Fellowships


International Fellowships are awarded for full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited U.S. institutions are supported.

Applicants must have earned the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree by November 15, 2018, and must have applied to their proposed institutions of study by the time of the application. Up to five International Master’s/First Professional Degree Fellowships are renewable for a second year; fellows will receive application information for this competitive program.

Recipients are selected for academic achievement and demonstrated commitment to women and girls. Recipients return to their home countries to become leaders in business, government, academia, community activism, the arts, and sciences.



The SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares and supports an advanced American manufacturing workforce through education. Building awareness of opportunity, enhancing academic opportunity and directly helping students at every level, the SME Education Foundation works to offer young people a path to explore, learn, and grow.

Through our scholarships and our unique SME PRIME schools initiative, we are fostering and supporting student interest and achievement in advanced manufacturing.


The SME Education Foundation administers and awards scholarships to deserving students that enable achievement in associate and bachelor’s degree programs, creating opportunities for the next generation of advanced manufacturing technicians, technologists, and engineers.

The SME Education Foundation has provided more than $13.9 million in scholarships over the past seven years. In 2017 alone, through endowed funds and administration, the Foundation has awarded more than $2.2 million in scholarships to 673 students.

Our SME PRIME Schools Initiative

Over the next decade, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will be needed, and 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to an alarming lack of skilled, qualified talent.

The SME PRIME® (Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education) initiative establishes and builds strong partnerships between high schools and manufacturers to develop tailored manufacturing education programs designed to meet local workforce requirements. SME PRIME builds awareness of manufacturing career pathways and provides students the opportunity to acquire industry credentials and further preparation for successful employment.

Manufacturing continues to advance and evolve, and SME PRIME students are also equipped with the responsibility and communications and problem-solving skills – and the inspiration to continuously learn and grow to meet the demands of a quickly changing manufacturing environment.

With 46 SME PRIME schools in 22 states across the country, and with the support and engagement of more than 250 manufacturing partners, the SME Education Foundation has inspired and helped over 50,000 students to explore skills, training and continuing opportunities in American manufacturing.

Scholarships for Graduating High School Students

Here is a list of all available scholarships for high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in advanced manufacturing.

If you are registered with the SME Education Foundation, you will receive an email in the Fall to complete the application form. Only one application is required. Students will be considered for all applicable scholarships based on the respective eligibility criteria.

Students MUST be registered (one- time registration) with the SME Education Foundation, in order to complete the application process.

Graduating High School Seniors

2018-2019 Alvin & June Sabroff Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship

Albert E. Wischmeyer Scholarship

Autodesk Scholarship

Chapter – 79/198/311 Scholarship

Chapter 1 – Detroit Associate Scholarship

Chapter 1 – Detroit Undergraduate Scholarship

Chapter 105 – Memphis Scholarship

Chapter 17 – St. Louis Scholarship

Chapter 23 – Quad Cities Scholarship

Chapter 31 – Peoria Scholarship

Chapter 4 – Lawrence A. Wacker Memorial Scholarship

Chapter 52 – Wichita Scholarship

Chapter 56 – Ft. Wayne Scholarship

Chapter 6 – Fairfield County Scholarship

Chapter 63 – Morrow Scholarship

Chapter 63 – Smith Memorial Scholarship

Chapter 67 – Phoenix Scholarship

Chapter 77 – Denver Scholarship

Chapter 93 – Albuquerque Scholarship

Clarence & Josephine Myers Undergraduate Scholarship

Donald N. Smith Endowed Scholarship

E. Wayne Kay Community College Scholarship

E. Wayne Kay High School Scholarship

E. Wayne Kay Undergraduate Scholarship

Edward S. Roth Scholarship

Honda Excellence in Manufacturing

Kenneth C. Novak Manufacturing Scholarship

Leanna Dorworth Memorial Scholarship

M. Eugene Merchant Memorial Scholarship

Marcus B. & Margo J. Crotts Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship

North Central Region 9 Scholarship

Richard Sarns Endowed Scholarship

Robert L. Vaughn Endowment

Schneider/Bingle PLTW Scholarship

SME Education Foundation Family Scholarship

SME Education Foundation PRIME Educational Scholarship

SME Education Foundation Robotics Scholarship

Walt Bartram Memorial Education Scholarship

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