National Aesthetician Day – Scholarships for Beauty and Skin Care Majors!

On October 15 we shine the spotlight on the skincare professionals who keep us looking our best. It’s National Aesthetician Day!

With specialized training and personalized attention, aestheticians bring out the most radiant skin in each of us. Their knowledge and skills often go unrecognized and yet they deliver superior services every day in spas and medical clinics across the country.  Addressing the complex needs of their clientele, aestheticians rejuvenate and polish even the most sensitive skin.  On National Aesthetician Day, we recognize all the care and attention they give every day.


Let’s take a look at scholarships for the Beauty and Skin Care major!

IMAGINE AMERICA – Scholarships for High School Students

Are you a high school student trying to find money to pay for your career college education? Are you planning to attend one of the approximately 400 participating career school campuses across the country? The Imagine America High School Scholarship Program can help.

The Imagine America Foundation created its Imagine America High School Scholarship Program in 1998 to provide scholarships for high school students. This annual scholarship program has helped thousands of high school seniors afford a career education at hundreds of career schools across the United States. Each year, every high school in the United States and Puerto Rico may nominate up to five graduating seniors to receive a $1,000 Imagine America scholarship!
The Foundation works with more than 20,000 high school guidance counselors across the country. Graduating high school seniors who meet the recommended guidelines are eligible to receive a $1,000 tuition discount that can be used at career colleges participating in the Imagine America Scholarship Program throughout the nation. The program runs annually and has a Dec. 31 deadline, of the student’s graduating high school year.
We help students all over the country connect with the right vocational and technical colleges that focus on career skills. If you already have your mind (and heart) set on becoming independent and able to take care of yourself after high school, now’s the time to take advantage of training opportunities that align with your goals.
You can always spot a vibrant, and caring community by how willing its members are to contribute their time, skills, and hard work. Often, community projects are undertaken by a variety of people; those giving back may be members of service organizations, churches & religious groups, school districts & educators, local businesses—and thoughtful individuals who don’t need recognition, much like yourself. All of that being said, we are proud to present the Square Cow Movers Scholarship for Community Impact.

Square Cow Movers will be awarding a $1,000 scholarship each academic year to one student. We know you put in thankless hours of work for your community, and we think that deserves a little recognition.


In order to apply, you must be a resident of the United States or its territories and be a student that is either A) currently enrolled in an accredited college or university, or B) a high school student that has been accepted as an incoming freshman at an accredited college or university of the current year.


Partial and Full Ride Scholarships for Studying Esthetics

The field of esthetics is growing like never before. In fact, the US Department of Labor expects the number of jobs for skincare specialists to increase by 40% in the ten-year period leading up to 2022.

The jobs are out there, and you know you’ve got the knack for making skin radiant and healthy. The only thing standing between you and the career of your dreams is the money to pay for esthetics training.

Well – we’ve got good news for you. State, national and even international organizations are now offering more scholarships to aspiring skin care specialists, medical estheticians and esthetics teachers than ever before. With so many options out there, the hardest part might be finding scholarships that align with your personal career goals. is here to help. We’ve sifted through all the scholarships available in the health and wellness industry and picked out the ones specifically designed for estheticians. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of esthetician scholarships, allowing you to review all the options available to you in one place.

There are MANY scholarships available for aestheticians through Beauty Changes Lives organizationclick here for a list! 

If you would like to learn how to find your own scholarships, please click here!

If you would like daily scholarship updates, please click here!

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