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The entire basis of this website and workshops is to get your child more money for college so they can go to the college he deserves!

All kids have dreams – they are asked all their lives


And it seems like if we, as parents, do not give them the opportunity to dream – if we do not keep telling them that they can be anything they want to be

Because WE don’t believe we have the means for them to go to college – then they do not apply themselves enough to get into college!

And it’s OUR FAULT!  We need to be able to tell them


We have all the resources and information that you need to apply, qualify and receive federal and state aid, school scholarships and private scholarships for your student!

This business was started by concerned parents who took the initiative to get their kids into college – using ALL financial aid and scholarship opportunities available so our kids would not have any student debt after graduating!

WHO AM I to be giving you all this information and why should you listen to me?

My name is Rose Lawless, and I’m the mother of 3 children.  I’m also an entrepreneur, owner of my own small business as an international researcher for a worldwide clientele, and a soon-to-be “empty nester.”

My son, who is 31 now, went to the local State College to get his 2-year degree and then to the local State University to get his 4-year degree in Political Science. He hated high school and only went to college to be able to go into the military. The Coast Guard Recruiter told him he would do much better if he received his degree BEFORE going into the Coast Guard. So, at 22, after getting his 4-year degree, he entered the Coast Guard and has been there ever since, now going on his 8th year. We paid for his college as he went along, (because we didn’t know any better) but back then, the price really wasn’t too bad.

Savannah, my first daughter who is now 19, is a “brainiac” and really deserved to go to college. But I didn’t have the money to send her. I was kind of late when I started thinking about what I could do. She was already a junior in high school, but my skills as an international researcher kicked in and I started searching for everything I could find on the financial aid system and scholarships, determined to give her the chance to go to college. I learned everything there was to know about the system and how it worked. It was very confusing, and the information was all over the place, so my goal here is to provide you with all the information I found, compiled into a more straight-forward user-friendly format.

Savannah is now at Florida State University, going into her Sophomore year and I am not paying one penny for her college tuition, housing, meals, books, and spending money!  We were able to get federal aid, state aid, grants and scholarships to cover all the expense.

Thank goodness that she did a lot of the “building of her college resume” on her own, because as I said, I started late. She was taking the right courses and doing her community service hours in the right place, which is very important, and I will explain that later.

Now my youngest daughter, Carmen, who is 18, graduated high school in May 2018, and is now attending Palm Beach State College. And I am not paying for that either! She is much different than Savannah in that she really does not know what she wants to do. She really did not enjoy high school as Savannah did – and I hope that the “college scene” adds some clarity to her future.  But she will go at least for 2 years to get her Associate’s Degree. She has decided not to go away and stay home while she attends college for at least the first two years.

As I started to tell people that I was able to send my girls to college without paying out of my pocket, they all wanted to know how I did it.  So with the information that I had researched and learned, I started to do College Workshops for the parents and kids in our local area, and they were so happy with the information that we decided to put it into a book format so that people in all 50 states could take advantage of this information and give their child the same chance of going to college. We’re starting to branch out into all 50 states now, offering local workshops in different states throughout the year. (You can click here to see if there’s a local workshop coming up in your area.)

If you’ve done any financial aid research on your own, then you already know that there are other companies out there trying to sell you on buying their courses for hundreds of dollars. You don’t need to spend that. We explain everything you need to know right here in this book and at the workshops.  And, if your child is willing and able to go to college, you and your child can do what’s in this book without spending a lot of money. If you and your child are motivated, – you can use this information to obtain the funds needed to pay for college.

Please join us and learn how we did it – we are here to help you do the same thing and get your kids into college – like they deserve!


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