The Pain-Free Way to Pay For Your Child’s College Education


•Learn how much college really costs
•Learn how to qualify for federal financial aid
•Learn what state financial aid is available
•Learn how to find scholarships
•Learn how to find grants
•Learn what your student has to do
•Learn what you the parent has to do
•Bonus: How to get a sports scholarship


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I have been a single Mom for the past 10 years raising my girls by myself since they were 4 and 5 years old.  My ex-husband decided that he was not going to pay child support and actually was in a recovery program which protected him against me doing anything to get it.

So I was able to be self-employed, running a small business and make a nice living to support myself and my girls.  But I was never able to save money at the end of the month for college!

But when my oldest daughter started high school and was coming home with 3.6 GPA’s – I realized that I better figure out how I was going to get her into college.  I did not have any money saved at all and this girl really deserved the chance to get her higher education!

I decided that I was not going to be the reason that she did not go!  And I did not want her to take out student loans and be in debt after she graduated!

So I was determined to research and find out what my options were.  As I am an international researcher by trade, I did not think it was going to be that hard to figure it out.  But I can tell you it was totally overwhelming and so confusing!

The information was all over the place!  It took me several months (about a year and a half) looking at all the crazy websites after my full workday!  I sat at my computer and sifted through all the sites and learned everything there was to know about how to get financial aid and scholarships.

By the time I was done – I was able to enroll her in one of the best state universities in our state!

And I am not paying one penny!  I did it all through federal aid, state aid, grants, and scholarships!

Whether you are in the same situation as I am, or you make a nice living and just don’t want to use your bank account – I can teach you the ins and outs of getting through the financial maze to get your child into the college of their choice.

It creates a stress-free time for you, knowing that your bank account is intact, and your child is stress-free and can concentrate on their studies – not on how they are going to pay for their next semester!

I spent hours online each week looking for scholarship opportunities before I really knew what I was doing and found all the tips and tricks!  For example:

The Duct Tape Corporation gives a $500 scholarship for the best pumpkin decorated in duct tape!  My daughter spent an entire afternoon making a peacock out of a pumpkin and duct tape!

It is very important, if you can, to get your child to start planning for college in the 9th grade.  The courses students take, the community service hours they do and their “extra-curricular” activities are all going to make up their “college” resume.  It needs to be impressive and everything on it needs to relate to the major that they are planning to achieve.

There is a lot of competition for college and your student will have to stand out from the crowd.

Here is one testimonial about the information presented in this book that tells it all:

“Rose, your whole premise that parents can send their children to college without any loans from the parents or the students is “Game Changing”. That one concept will launch more students to university, and free more parents from financial guilt than any other. Don’t give up because of money – learn the correct way to get the money for education that is available. Thank you so much, Rose. You’re awesome.” WRC – Palm Beach, FL

This book is divided into sections. I have laid it out for you in a somewhat “blueprint” format and have broken it down into separate sections or modules.

You will learn:

How much college REALLY costs!

How you qualify for Federal Aid – it’s easier than you think – even if you make over 6 figures!

How to fill out your FAFSA application (everyone has to do this)

Which state financial aid is available for your specific resident state (all 50 states are included)

How to find scholarships specifically for your child’s criteria (major, ethnicity, etc.)

What your student has to do throughout high school to qualify for the most merit-based aid

What you, as a parent, need to do to help your child

And much much more!

This book is full of links to websites that will bring you to the specific information that you require.  The best way to use this book is to read it on the computer so you can easily go to the websites that are being cited.

When you order, the book will be delivered directly to your email inbox.  It is best that you read it on your computer or tablet so you can click on the links to the websites that pertain to your child’s criteria.



We are giving you the opportunity to purchase a PDF copy of the book (with clickable links) for a price of $14.99 on our website.  You will receive the book in your email inbox within 24 hours of purchase.





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