Colorado Student Grant

Based on financial need, the Colorado Graduate Grant is sponsored by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. Awarding a maximum of $5,000, these grants do a big part in helping Colorado college students afford their tuition and can be applied for through a specific state university.

Check your specific school website for more information.


Dependents Tuition Assistance Program

Funds from this program will cover not only tuition, but also on-campus room and board at the Colorado college of the recipient’s choice.


College Opportunity Fund

The College Opportunity Fund is funded by the Colorado General Assembly and pays a portion of tuition for students enrolled for eligible undergraduate classes. Based on a per credit basis, the stipend equals around $62.00 per credit (this rate is set annually). Therefore, if a student takes 15 credit hours per semester, the stipend will be approximately $1,860 for the year at public universities. For students enrolled in private colleges, half that amount will be awarded.